The Officers

Jessica Davis - President
Jessica has been a dog lover all of her life, and a serious trainer and agility competitor for the past 13 years.  Jessica is owner of Outrun Farm in Andover, NH, and Pawsitive Kinection her training and grooming business where she teaches agility, herding, disc dog, dock diving  and and other canine skills. Jessica lives on a small farm with her bevy of four legged children, various farm animals her husband Scott and her daughter Harper. When Jessica isn't teaching she is off competing in one of the many dog sport venues, but recently her passion has turned to disc dog, and she is pursuing it with gusto.

Deborah Mardin - Vice President
Deb has owned dogs her whole life.  Deb resides in Holderness with her partner. Together they are raising Icelandic Sheepdogs and have started to do many dog sports with them.   Some of the sports include Disc Dog, Agility and Herding.  

Barb Champaigne - Treasurer
Barb has lived in the Lakes Region her  whole life and loves it here.   She now lives in Holderness with her partner. They both enjoy all 5 Icelandic Sheepdogs that they own.  Being able to play and enjoy all of our dogs doing disc or agility or just going for a walk up the river makes our day.

Ariane Bailey - Secretary & Press

Kim Black - Webmaster
Kim resides in Deerfield, NH with her menagerie of farm animals to include horses, chickens, ducks and turtles. Growing up, her family always had a dog and she was the one signing out the same animal books at the school library over, and over researching and studying about all the characteristics and traits of all the different breeds. She found something exceptionally intriguing about the ability, drive and focus of the herding dogs and years later she’d get the opportunity to be owned by an Australian Cattle Dog.