Ashleigh Mix (22), born and raised in NH, currently resides in Belmont. She has always grown up around animals of all sorts having been raised on a farm. She spends the majority of her free time at her parent’s - Highland Hills Farm- in Belmont (just 5 miles from her house) helping with the chores, giving riding lessons, assisting the boarders, or schooling horses. When not at HHF she can be found out in the woods hiking, hunting, or some other sort of adventurous fun accompanied by Blue. Ashleigh’s horse, Marshal Dillon- a 14 year old Appaloosa gelding, has been with Ashleigh since May of 2005. She has spent countless hours training him to the horse he is today and has spent many miles in the saddle out on trail rides. In order for Ashleigh to support her 4-legged kids and their hobbies she does freelance Graphic Design in the evenings and by day does Merchandising & Sales for Coca-Cola.

Canine Partner: Kangaroo Blue
Name: Kangaroo Blue
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog aka Blue Heeler
Weight: 55-60lbs
Birthdate: Approx. March 2009
Bio: Kangaroo Blue started out as a stray puppy in Sanford, NC. He was picked up by a gentleman (who named him ‘Blue’) and brought to the local shelter where they determined him to be about 8 months old at the time. Ashleigh was down visiting her grandparents who reside in Sanford when she decided to go to the shelter (bad idea). Blue rolled right over into her lap and that was that; Blue decided he wanted to go home with her. January 1, 2010 Ashleigh adopted Blue and they started the drive home from NC to NH. The ‘Kangaroo’ part of Blue’s name was a nick-name given to this springy cattle dog- watch him and you’ll see why he’s called the ‘Kangaroo’. 

Blue goes nearly everywhere with Ashleigh- he’s basically her shadow. Everything from working on the farm, trail riding, hiking, and camping to Agility, Disc Dog, and tricks. Blue even goes canoeing but he must always wear his life jacket as he is a terrible swimmer. Ashleigh and Blue have been doing Agility since March of 2010 and have only been working on Disc Dog stuff since May of 2011. Life according to Blue is one big happy party. He’s always bouncing around and is just so happy-go-lucky- as if he’s a permanent puppy. It’s so heartwarming to see the Blue he is now compared to the skinny, nervous and shittishly shy Blue I met the day in the shelter.

Competition Stats:
Skyhoundz Disdogathon Qualifier – Killington, VT – 7/18
           - 2nd in Novice Freestyle
Yankee Flyers – Danvers, MA – 9/4
          - 2nd in Freestyle
          - 6th in Distance & Accuracy Novice
Yankee Flyers Fall Classic Discdogathon Qualifier – Farmington, CT – 9/18
          - 2nd in Toss & Fetch Novice