Kim Black
Kim lives in Deerfield, NH with her small crowd of farm animals.  Kim began agility with her dog as a physical therapy, to be able to exercise her dog’s mind and her body after she suffered a devastating accident. What began as work, developed into a favorite pastime as her dog grew stronger and Kim became more confident as a handler. When her agility friends started playing Disc she joined in on the action and has been hooked ever since.

Canine Partner: Vixey
Name: Pine Echo Vixen
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog      
Birthday: August 21, 2006
Hobbies: Disc, agility, swimming, fetch, herding, hiking, car rides and sleeping upside down in the middle of the bed.

Bio: Vixey is the definition of perseverance. In her short life she's suffered a broken back and most recently an FCE (Fibrocartilaginous Embolism) both incidents were detrimental to her body, but neither have affected her heart.  She will forever show signs of her injuries but it makes no difference to her. She was back on the field this past summer and had the time of her life it's clear to see she’s Cattle Dog to the core, nothing can stop her !

Canine Partner: Wilee        
Name: Outrun Chaser on the Rocks
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Birthday: May 16, 2011
Hobbies: stealing the discs from Vixey, agility, cat wrestling 

Bio: Wilee is an up and coming disc dog. He shows great interest in playing, and is working on improving his coordination for tracking and catching. For the time being, Wilee enjoys his time just being young and embarking on new and exciting adventures. He’s a great, happy-go-lucky pup that finds humor in the oddest things and has a boundless future ahead him. 

Canine Partner: Rocky
Name: Pine Echo Rockstar
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Birthday: August 21, 2006
Hobbies: DISC !! fetching 

Bio:Rocky came to live with Kim in the summer of 2012 in need of someone who wanted to play fetch all.the.time. Rocky is Vixey's littermate and the passion for disc is shared among them. His intensity is fierce; nick-named the freight train, he goes and goes hard after anything in flight. He has some compulsive tendencies, but what Cattle Dog doesn't? He's working through some qwirks but has shown that nothing will stop him from loving this game and we look forward to a great year of having fun with our fellow Disc Doggers.