Mona Konishi & Kosuke Hirai Return !!

When: February 19-21, 2016
Where: Riverside Canine, Nashua, NH 


Mona Konishi & Kosuke Hirai Clinic 2015 

When: April 3-5, 2015
Where: Riverside Canine, Nashua, NH 

Chuck’s disc dog career spans 27 years, dating back to 1986, and includes experience as a World Finals judge with three different organizations and as an international judge in Europe. Chuck and his dogs hold numerous regional, state, and local titles in addition to seven National and World Titles. Chuck continues to be active in the sport as a competitor, judge, performer and instructor. He also volunteers his time and his dog’s disc catching talents at charity events in support of worthwhile organizations.

Accomplishments: 2002 Skyhoundz Open World Champion 2002 Skyhoundz Sport World Champion 2002 USDDN World Champion (Open) 2004-2009 Skyhoundz World Finals Head Judge 2010 USDDN World Champion (Open) 2010 Skyhoundz Sport World Champion 2011, 2012, 2013 AWI World Champion 2012 UFO World Cup Champion 2011 & 2012 UFO World Cup Finals Champion 2013 USDDN Super Pro T&F World Champion

PVybe Disc Dog Camp

You can see some clips in Pawisitive Vybe's Season 2 Premiere

Granite State Disc Dogs are proud to present New Hampshire’s 
first ever Disc Dog Camp 
Featuring Ron Watson and Apryl Lea from Pawsitive Vybe

When: May 2-5, 2013 
Where: Northfield, NH 

For more P-Vybe camp information see Disc Dog Camp Cliff Notes and Concepts on Facebook

What you will learn: 
Learn to play disc with your dog with world renowned Dog Sport Studio, Pawsitive Vybe. They have a deep understanding of positive dog training, throwing mechanics and the game of disc and are experts in dog behavior. Pawsitive Vybe delivers all the tools necessary for quality disc play. Catch the Pawsitive Vybe and learn more about the game of disc than you thought possible. Throwing, routine building, canine training, style development, safety and philosophy – This is the best Disc Dog learning experience out there, hands down. 

About Ron:
Co-Founder of Pawsitive Vybe and Frisbee Dog Guru, Ron Watson is the brain behind Pawsitive Vybe. Helping to shape, map out and figure out how to deliver the Pawsitive Vybe Philosophy is his job, and he loves every bit of it. A longtime disc dog competitor, judge and instructor, his growth as a trainer has been a journey. Ron has learned a great deal from his dogs through the years and that is what led to the Pawsitive Vybe training philosophy. Every new canine encounter is a new learning opportunity.

About Apryl:
Co-Founder of Pawsitive Vybe, Service Dog Trainer, Dog Sport competitor and Artist, Apryl Lea, is the soul of Pawsitive Vybe. She has an amazing affinity with dogs and is an intuitive and efficient trainer. Apryl is an ADI Certified Assistance Dog instructor and has deep experience training dogs as pets, athletes and service animals. Art is also a passion of Apryl’s. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sculpture and was a traveling artist for 17 years. Pawsitive Vybe allows Apryl to apply herself to her passions – Dog Training, Performance and Art.