Tips on Getting Started in Disc and Other Useful Information !

Hero Disc USA has an excellent FAQ resource section you should check out  ! 

Skyhoundz has an indepth Training Overview guide that's well worth the time to review !

Disc Dogs Rock! An Introduction to Disc Dog by Peter Bloeme & Jeff Perry

Choosing a Disc:
Canine-specific discs are made with a special plastic material that's designed to puncture instead of shatter like common store-bought discs do. Both Hero Disc and HyperFlite provide different types of discs that vary in material, weight and shape. Materials can be soft or rigid and vary in durability. The weight and shape of a disc are elements that are most likely to affect the thrower more than the dog by determining the flight characteristics of a disc. To prolong the life of your discs don't leave them out and around for your dog to use as a chew toy. Keep them safely stored away until you plan on playing, practicing or training with your dog.

Common discs used for the average dog with a soft to moderate bite are discs like the Hero Xtra 235, Hero Air 235, Hero Sonic 215, HyperFlite Competition Standard and Wham-O-Fast Back. 

Dogs with a hard bite might get more out of discs like the Hero Super Hero,  Hero Super Star, Hero Super Swirl, 
Hero Supersonic 215, 
Hero Aero, HyperFlite Jawz and HyperFlite Deja Flew. 

Puppies, older dogs and dogs with sensitive mouths may prefer to use softer discs like the HyperFlite SofFlite, Hero Pup 120, HyperFlite SofFlite Pup, Hero Air or  Hero Aero Discs.

Small Dogs (micro dogs) may use any of the HyperFlite 7" pup discs, Hero Pup 120 and the Hero Sonic 215 discs

What's allowed for Discs in the different Organization's Events: