We started in 2011 as a small group of friends in New Hampshire who were introduced to the sport and immediately became hooked. Who knew something as simple as dogs + flying plastic could be so addicting!? Over the years we have grown into a club of dedicated members throughout the United States and eastern Canada. We certainly didn't see that coming when we named the club after our home state! Our members range from the weekend warriors to dog professionals who have dedicated their lives to the "dog sport world". We welcome people of all ages and walks of life and strive to provide a supportive community to help owners find new ways to bond with their dog.

Or, let's be real, new ways to tire out their dog.

UFO Qualifier Killington, VT 2011

Hosted by Green Mountain Disc Dogs

The original crew!

What you can't see from this photo is that most of us are just trying not to pee our pants from nerves. This was only the 1st or 2nd time competing for most of us and it was a big event with competitors from around the country. We are happy to report that all survived and it was worth the nervous bladders. Moral of the story: if you are scared to get out there and perform, just go for it! You will have a blast and we'll be there to cheer you on.

And no, Kate isn't flipping the bird - those are peace signs. (she's from Vermont...)

Yeah, that's great and all but what the heck is disc dog?

In short, disc dog is a game of Frisbee with your dog taken to a whole other level.


Toss & Fetch

You and your dog play a timed game of fetch on a field laid out to score the distance & accuracy of your throws and the catching ability of your dog. This game goes by many different names depending on the venue you are competing in. All have slightly different rules and variations. Check out the competition venue links below to learn more.


You and your dog perform a choreographed routine set to music showcasing different tricks, maneuvers, throws and teamwork. A panel of judges score on handler abilities, dog abilities, accuracy of your execution among other things. Every competition venue has their own rules and variations. Check out the competition venue links below to learn more.

There you have it, that is disc dog in a nutshell. Some venues also offer a variety of games, including agility cross-over games that test different team skills and strategies. And of course you can train your dog to play disc without ever competing. It is a great activity for both dogs and people and whether you have any interest in competing or not we welcome you to join us for demos and training clinics!

Competition venues

These are the most common competition venues that we host and compete in. Check out their websites for rules & more information.


United States Disc Dog Nationals


Ashley Whippet Invitational

Toss & fetch league


The UpDog Challenge



UFO World Cup

If you're interested in the history of this great sport be sure to check out the Ashley Whippet Museum to see how it all started!